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  • Pastor Dr. V : iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  • Pastor Dr. V : It takes anointing to pray and see result. This is why we are very selective when inviting preachers that comes to our Prayer is the Key Conference. This year Dr. Shadrach Ofosuware from UK will be joining me for 3 days. Mark your calendar from 28-30 March for a divine encounter with Holy Spirit. You will be receiving more information soon. Shalom.
  • Pastor Dr. V : You are highly invited. You will be empowered with the power of the Holy Ghost, just like elijah's mantle was released upon Elisha, I, my wife Dr. Liselore Mebele, Apostle Egbert Underwood from NewYork and Pastor Ferdinand Igbeche from Breda Nederland will be releasing the power of the Holy Spirit upon you this weekend to rule and reign.
  • Pastor Dr. V : We will be shaking the atmosphere this weekend and releasing the rain of Heaven in Manifestation of the Sons & Daughters of God Conference.
  • Pastor Dr. V : One revelation from God can turn your "World" around. Therefore go for it, give Holy Spirit the time to teach and reveal to you all you need to win in this life. He is the only one that knows the deep things of God and He is the only one that can reveal them to us: 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, John 16:13. Revelation knowledge comes when we spend time in the Word and stay in prayer: Ephesians 1:16-19, John 1:4-5. Shalom.
  • Pastor Dr. V : It is not over until you said it is over. Don't quit, quitters are never victorious while winners never quit. Remember you are a winner. Shalom.
  • Super User : Awe ta un gran dia pa bo. Dios bendishona bo i ku bo plannan realisa awe den nomber di Hesus.
  • Super User : Uela konta bai. E kantika ey ta riba Youtube kaba. Klik riba e link aki «link»
  • Uela : e ta un kantika masha bendishona mes
  • Uela : knt dj ren dj ren por pone kantika di hasi un milgaer pa mi riba youtube

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